stating the obvious

Stating the Obvious is an artifact of Web 1.0.

From August 1995 to September 2003 it provided occasional commentary on Internet technology, business and culture. It was the product of Michael Sippey, who has since moved on to differently colored pastures.

Stating the Obvious consisted of essay-length content and a pioneering link blog called "filtered for purity." The essay archives remain; the link blog is lost to the ages (though there are pieces of are probably somewhere in The site was host to a wide variety of guest authors, including early web types like Greg Knauss, Jason Kottke, Alexis Massie, David Hudson, Peter Merholz, Rogers Cadenhead, Vivian Selbo, Carl Steamdan, Steve Champeon, Gregory Alkaitis-Carafelli and Lance Arthur.

The site is also host to some mid-90s web projects:

  • White Noise on White Noise, an experiment in random text selection and Don DeLillo fandom.
  • Suck Harder, an officially sanctioned parody site, for pieces rejected by Suck.
  • 101 Ways to Save Wired, a collaborative article by Wired lovers, in the style of Wired's famous cover story, 101 Ways to Save Apple.
  • The Network Diagram, a map of early Internet content people and the tangled web we wove.

Essay archives: