The Network Diagram
February, 1997

I've abandoned link list. In its place I've drawn this simple diagram, a roadmap to the self-absorbed world of Internet publishing. Six degrees of separation? Ha. Try two at the most.

the mapped network diagram

Lines with arrows mean many things. In some places, it means that someone from that site has contributed to the other site. Or it may mean that one site inspired another site (as in Placing begetting Displacing or Suck begetting Suck Harder). Lines without arrows mean many things as well. In some places it means the sites have common parents. In other places it means something else entirely.

I write Stating the Obvious. I've contributed to Suck and to Netly News, and I run Suck Harder, a parody of Suck. Greg Knauss, who writes an Entirely Other Day, has contributed to Suck, Suck Harder and to TeeVee. Carl Steadman, who used to be part of Suck, has contributed to Feed and launched Placing. Placing begat the parodies Displacing (which happened to be created by Ana Marie Cox of Suck) and Replacing (created by Hans Eisenbeis). Hans has also contributed to Suck, and happens to be the editor of Request Line. Greg Beato's home is Traffic. He's also a Suck contributor, and has written for Feed and for Wired News. Wired News, Suck and Packet are all owned by the same parent company. Andrew Leonard, who used to write for Packet, is now writing for Salon. Meanwhile, Steve Champeon is getting Jaundiced Eye off the ground; he's a friend of the Navel Gazer Sarah Townsend, with whom I used to work. Luke Seeman, who used to semi-regularly update Fool Ex Machina, has contributed to Suck Harder, Netly News and The Fray. Derek, who runs The Fray, used to work at Hotwired. Now he works at Electric Minds. Rebecca Eisenberg, who is seeking Revenge, has contributed to Suck Harder, Netly News and The Fray. When she's not contributing to Geek Cereal, she hosts a conference on Electric Minds, where Justin used to work. Justin, Rebecca and Geek Cereal all have their homes on Cyborganic, which also hosts The Couch. Rebecca has also contributed to Rewired, run by David Hudson. David is good friends with Pit Schultz, who runs the nettime mailing list.

The Necessary Quote
"It's as if most of those working on the Web are standing in a circle holding up mirrors to one another."
Carol Pogash, in American Journalism Review, 6/1/96

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