white noise on white noise

White Noise on White Noise is a collection of 36 randomly selected fragments of text from Don DeLillo's novel White Noise. The identifying details of each fragment - the page number it appears on, the line number to begin quoting from and the number of lines to quote - were selected using a random number generator. The fragments appear in page number order, to provide an experience akin to quickly browsing through the novel in a bookstore.

The text of each fragment has been hand-annotated with hypertext links to the World Wide Web, chosen by the "author" to have relevance to the passage being quoted. These links need not be followed; passing your mouse pointer over the link and reading the associated URL will usually bring forth the appropriate emotional or cultural response.

I used the Viking Penguin hard cover edition. Page numbers were randomly chosen between 3 and 326. Line numbers were randomly chosen between 1 and 36. The number of lines to quote in each fragment was randomly chosen between 1 and 10. There are 36 fragments in all, based on the number of lines of text found on a full page.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, mail them to michael@theobvious.com. More info re. Don DeLillo can be found here.