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It's a Circus Out There
Aug 24, 1995 :: Michael Sippey

I saw "The Greatest Show on Earth" last night with some friends from work. That's right, Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey. In attendance: hundreds of families with thousands of small children. For sale: endless permutations of RBBB hats, t-shirts, videos, dolls, etc. Not to mention the cotton candy. On display: the sphere of death, the wheel of death, dancing elephants, slinking tigers, acrobatics galore, and a juggling clown. Highlight of the night: the "urban jungle" routine, with lots of kids riding skateboards, mongoose BMX's and roller blades, dancing to fully-adulterated "rap." Lots of neon. Very, very strange. Other highlight of the night: during the "wheel of death" routine, the house band cranking out some strange U2 medley (Sunday, Bloody Sunday; New Year's Day; Unforgettable Fire). Downright surreal.

I could make the obvious connection between the circus and the Windows 95 launch (it's August 24th as I write this), but I won't. I'll leave that to you.



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