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In case you haven't had enough
Nov 20, 1995 :: Michael Sippey

Unless you were on Mars or don't own a television, it was hard to avoid The "Beatles Anthology," which aired last night on ABC. And, in case you didn't get enough of the local tie-ins, here are my own worthless links to more fab four nostalgia:

Had enough?

I could wax cynical about how all of this Beatlemania (now there's a term!) is just the crazy manipulations of a tired baby-boom generation trying (yet again) to shove its own version of pop culture down the throats of everyone else. But no, I'll take the high road. I won't stoop to whining like some "disenfranchised" Gen-X type.

What I hope and pray is that 30 years from now I'm not staring at my 300 channel combo television-PC-game machine-electric mixer and watching a seven hour mini-series/documentary on Hootie and the Blowfish. Please, God. Please.



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