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Publishers on Push: Intro
Apr 21, 1997 :: Michael Sippey

From April 21 to May 2, 1997, published the thoughts of 11 of the most well-known Web writers and publishers on the nature, future and implications of push technology. As content providers that have helped define a medium, each of them brings their own individual point-of-view to a topic that to date has been dominated by discussions of communication formats, software platforms and industry partnerships.

You can read the pyramid release for more information. And all of the feedback has been retained for posterity's sake.

Week One:

Carl Steadman (Wired)
Greg Knauss (An Entirely Other Day)
Hans Eisenbeis (Requestline)
Rebecca Eisenberg (Freelance Media Critic)
Steve Champeon (Jaundiced Eye)
Sarah Townsend (Navelgazer)

Week Two:

Scott Rosenberg (Salon)
Derek Powazek (The Fray)
Luke Seemann (Stubb ex Machina)
G. Beato (Freelance Writer)
David Hudson (Rewired)



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