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Publishers on Push: Sarah Townsend
Apr 27, 1997 :: Sarah Townsend

I can't help feeling like a voyeur of this well-apprised citizenry -- a role not only compelling and seductive but also appropriate -- push media threaten, in a way, to rob me of my titillating vantage point -- that the tv will in a sense be looking back at me (or the marketeers through it -- not that I kid myself they don't already, but push is an intensification of this process), is an unnerving thought.

Me, I scritch around inside the confines of my navel for the most part, woefully and I expect irresponsibly half-informed as to the progression of the world's Events -- what information I do retain deriving primarily from hearsay and the occasional dose of NPR -- someone like me is perhaps a petri dish for the power of push -- as I neglect the responsibility of pulling, the next Nike ad piped down the backbone injects itself into my retinas largely unlevied by competing information. I quite honestly dread a world gone to bleeping and flashing dynamic slogan watches and billboards -- but this could be respresentative of no more than an overwrought sense of the aesthetic -- and then too I seem to be fleeing the urban and its associated stimuli in a progressive decent into the navel of the country (SF --> Durham, NC --> WV, as life peculiarly echoes interior life without, necessarily, the drive of pure intent) -- so maybe you all can log this one as the voice of-- if not exactly the luddite element -- at least a fly in this pundit ointment, or on the wall or something. I'm all snarled up in my combatting metaphors at this point. But if you don't resent me lurking in your informed midst, I'm enjoying the view from here.

Sarah mulls over life, dreams, and seasonal forces in the welling puddle called, and she'd like to add that, while she makes her living slinging HTML, she feels she has no darn business being quoted on push or any other technology.



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