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Publishers on Push: Derek Powazek
Apr 29, 1997 :: Derek Powazek

Push media, at its best, is a nifty little utility to bring you things you ask for while you're off doing other stuff.


Push media, at it's worst, is a sorry attempt by advertisers to create something they understand: a captive audience. It's so easy to get around ads on the web. Scroll them away, turn off your graphics, or even use a plug-in to keep them out.

But have you ever tried to turn off the ads on pointcast?

Well, ha. You can't.

And that is the reason we keep hearing about push media.

Push media is, in actuality, a media-created set of buzzwords coupled with mythical software being forced into reality by the only people who have something to gain by it: the advertising industry and the media companies that depend on ads as revenue.

Derek runs The Fray and Kvetch.



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