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Back From Hiatus
Dec 22, 1997 :: Michael Sippey

The reports of my demise were greatly self-exaggerated. Thanks for being patient; here endeth the hiatus.

And now, to answer some questions.

Q: Um, where the hell have you been?
A: I've been right here all along. Only the site wasn't around -- if you can't distinguish between the two, you should get out more. But if you insist, while I was "away" I had a chance to start some new projects, finish some others and think a bit about what I really want to do with You're staring at the results.

Q: So, can we expect new content every Monday?
A: Actually, is now updated three times a week. Mondays are for stating the obvious; your usual brief essay on an idea or a product or a trend or whatever strikes my fancy. Guest writers will probably make frequent appearances. Wednesdays are reserved for "just one question," brief interviews with people on and off the web. Fridays are "filtered for purity," a highly opinionated view of what's happened on the web over the past five days.

Monday. Wednesday. Friday. It's easy.

Q: Wait, so Filter's dead?
A: Well, yes. But if you noticed, Fridays will be "filtered for purity." If you're looking for a daily fix, try this instead. Or this. Or this. Or this.

Q: Why do you keep telling everyone that "least is best?"
A: I'm tired of explaining things. Pieces will be shorter, more direct and definitely to the point. If you need background material on a particular idea or product, follow the nifty little hypertext link -- that's what it's there for.

That's it for now. See you Wednesday, when Carl Steadman answers just one question.



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