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Filtered for Purity
Dec 26, 1997 :: Michael Sippey

So much going on. And so little time to figure it all out.

Suck's been predicting the future; it's just sad knowing that it will all come true, some way or another.

Apple Computer was going to launch a chain of cybercafes around the world. They wised up, probably after spending some time in the perenially boring Cybersmith.

Instead of cybercafes, maybe Apple should think about partnering with a "family entertainment" company (read "casino operator"). That way, they could operate real world outlets for online gambling, which is reportedly in trouble.

Just how much do you think Dole is getting paid to shill for Netscape, Sun and the rest of Microsoft's competitors?

iCat is doing its best to push the SET standard. But partnership announcements are one thing -- getting online retailers to use it is another.

Meme 3.05: In Search of the Dark Avenger.

New, from the Lance Arthur Experience: Overheard. Because everyone does it.

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