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Filtered for Purity
Jan 30, 1998 :: Michael Sippey

This week I installed a new product from Natrificial Software Technologies called The Brain. I'm not really sure I buy into the whole "mind mapping" metaphor, but as a way of gathering, organizing and navigating disparate snippets of information, it seems pretty useful. Then again, I'm a compulsive "snippet" gatherer. Currently available on the Windows platform, It has an entirely different UI than anything else out there.

Sidenote: so late Thursday night I do a HotBot search on Natrificial, to see if there's been anything written on it yet. No dice, but I did find some Yahoo job listings that explicitly state that they're looking for someone to port The Brain to Java for use on the Mac and Unix platforms...

Forget Bill's talk: the bottom line from the NationsBanc Montgomery Securities conference this week according to is that the rich have better tote bags.

Bill Gurley says it's too late: the browser already is the OS. And he correctly lauds Yahoo for the QA department that's hooked on 9.6kb modems. Less is indeed more.

In case you missed 'em, Ad Age's Bob Garfield did a roundup of the Super Bowl ads. Re. the Budweiser one: It's a shocking story of passion and treachery involving the nation's most notorious reptile..."

Hmm, that's interesting, Part I: Persian Kitty, the Yahoo of porn, is going into print.

Hmm, that's interesting, Part II: Egghead is abandoning retail selling to head to the web exclusively.

Finally: Octopus Messiah.



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