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Filtered for Purity
Feb 20, 1998 :: Michael Sippey

Carl Steadman at Suck on The Brain. "If The Brain truly mirrored your thinking, it would simply keep track of the Web sites you visit, weighing the importance of each one by how much time you spend on each page, creating automatic associations based on your personal clickstream."

Oh, and a Hit and Run from yours truly (mostly). It's the first time I've written for Suck in a long, long while.

Microsoft, Part I: Hmmm. I'm graduating from b-school in a few months. Maybe this is the perfect job...

Microsoft, Part II: Slate's gonna do it. No, really.

Microsoft, Part III: InternetWorld on the new MSN, Microsoft Premier. "The move by Microsoft is part of a more general shift in the company's Internet strategy to emphasize its core strengths as a software company, rather than trying to be a content or access company."

Disappointed with CBS' coverage of the goings on in Nagano? The next broadcats of the Winter Olympics could look a lot different, especially since the FCC just took back more spectrum for digital TV. "The FCC still has a plethora of related digital TV issues to resolve, including what -- if any -- new obligations should be imposed on broadcasters in the name of serving the public interest."

Some news from the personal narrative front...

  • New on The Fray: Gregory Alkaitis-Carafelli smells burnt popcorn. Gregory is also writing frequently on Oh, and Derek Powazek, creator of The Fray, has won I.D. Magazine's silver medal for interactive design. Memo to Derek: double your rates.
  • Abbe Don has relaunched Bubbe's Back Porch, with a new look and a new architecture. She also announced the first ever "Digital Story Bee," which starts this Sunday and runs through February 27th.
  • Alex Massie, who took over this week, launched a new issue of After Dinner.

Finally, Gabocorp. Flash galore.



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