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Filtered for Purity
Feb 27, 1998 :: Michael Sippey launches; a site built by developers for developers. The code base will come by the end of March...and you've gotta believe that Netscape engineers are busy cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Would you want your code exposed to the entire world? I think not.

Meanwhile, reports that the Javagator is on the back burner. Three words: Corel, Corel, Corel.

In other browser news, there's a new 'multilithic' browser on the Unix platform called Mnemonic. If you've downloaded the source, compiled it and are using it -- email me...I'm interested in hearing about it.

News from New York... The NYTimes launched their new Thursday tech section "Circuits," with an enormous shot of the PalmPilot on the first page. If you're 3Com, right now you're considering buying ad space in next week's issue. And the word is out -- Noah Robischon is leaving The Netly News for Content Magazine. Netly won't be the same without him. Literally...a site redesign is scheduled to launch real soon now.

Also at the Times, Matthew Mirapaul on's Scroll.

Titanic, Part II.

Plug: The Industry Standard.

Office Photos, on Word.

Feed on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. What they failed to mention is that the producers of the online version took just a tad bit of inspiration from online porn. Teaser images. Paid access to "the real thing." Streaming video. Special photos not available anywhere else. Etc., etc., etc.

The Berkeley Art Museum celebrated the 20th anniversary of its Matrix program this week with a performance by Bay Area conceptualist Tom Marioni. Standing in front of a roll of butcher paper, Marioni uses a series of colored pencils to fill in the shadow of himself cast by two yellow spotlights, and the shape of a violin cast by an angled mirror. Behind the paper are contact microphones, which amplify the sounds of the scratching pencil. Music interrupts occasionally -- Miles Davis and Haydn. After 20 minutes, Marioni pours himself a glass of beer, drinks it, and steps out of the piece, leaving only the shadow of himself and the violin. The artist has left his studio, leaving behind a piece of work that is himself. Reviewing some of his work at Crown Point Press, the performance seems to be a combination of The Hand of the Artist and Drawing a Line as Far as I Can Reach.

Why I feel compelled to share this, I don't know.



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