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Filtered for Purity
Mar 06, 1998 :: Michael Sippey

Billg went to Washington this week, of course. He ate doughnuts. He better get used to eating doughnuts. Something tells me that this week's shenanigans will only whet the appetite of congress and the courts for actions against Microsoft. They probably like making the country's richest man squirm a little...and it makes for good political theater.

The plug's been pulled on Ada 'web. On the nettime list, Benjamin Weil makes an eloquent plea for art makers on the web to discuss anew the relationship between art and its sponsors. "public space on the net will only disappear if we decide so. just like the notion of public space in the city disappears if it is not occupied. it is a decision, not an occurrence."

If you're into animation, check out Animator's Ball, a site devoted to "building an animation community." Check out the Gallery, which is a great resource for finding all sorts of animated content on the Web. Thank to Peter Merholz for this one.

A new version of the PalmPilot is due next week -- the Palm III. It has a new version of the Palm OS, a new form factor (thinner and "more rounded"), and it will support the forthcoming pager card from Motorola, but diehard fans are upset that 3Com hasn't improved the display.




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