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Filtered for Purity
Mar 27, 1998 :: Michael Sippey

Guess Who's Coming On Line. My parents, that's who.

Giant letters, Part I: Traywick Gallery, Berkeley's space for contemporary art.

Giant letters, Part II: Zia Houseworks.

Geek heaven, or what passes for entertainment at PC Forum: IBM hackers breaking into a client's network.

Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn are the latest to be claiming that Internet technologies will spell doom for Windows.

Could Java's proper home be outside the PC altogether? Sun announced deals this week with consumer electronics giants Ericcson and Sony. It's First Person all over again...

Meanwhile, Sun's JavaStation will be able to run Windows apps using Citrix Systems' WinFrame. Something seems backwards here...

Netscape is spinning off a website division, in an attempt to once and for all capitalize on their ridiculous traffic levels.

Is New Media Art Collectible? Artist John Winet: "In many ways, new media is a form that came out of cultures unfriendly to the capitalist economics of accumulation. No commodity was produced, and no acquisitive impulses triggered. The work was about process, experience, and dialog."

Ditherati's Owen Thomas on Mother Jones at Feed. "If Jones were alive today and reading the magazine, the happy face beneath the prose would horrify her..."

That Owen guy's everywhere, it seems.

The coverage of the event is nearly always better than the event itself. Case in point: Cintra Wilson on the Oscars at Salon. "The morbidly shriveling and schoolmarmish Dion, wearing a neoprene cassock, failed to sexualize any portion of the stage while trembling with pain over the eyebleeding Titanic ballad. I watched her aged Svengali boyfriend remote-controlling her arm movements from the audience with a small steering wheel."

A former life.



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