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Obvious Resolutions
Jan 04, 1999 :: Michael Sippey

It's that time of year, so we figured why not succumb to the temptation of the easy story, the kind that writes itself. Why not publish a trite list of obvious resolutions, and bury in there the fact that we're killing off Filtered for Purity.

Why not, indeed. So here goes.

We resolve to give up the self-induced stress of producing daily content, even if that content wasn't really content at all, but merely meta-content -- links to and smartass commentary on other people's content. Additionally, we will give up the self-induced stress of maintaining any semblance of a regular publishing schedule. (Come to think of it, we did that back in June.) But don't worry, we will continue to provide commentary on Internet technology, business and culture. Honest. We swear.

On a related note, we will support the efforts of other metacontent providers, especially those with a host of contributors, an automated backend and a clever set of content categories. Folks like, say, Memepool.

We'll read the New York Times op-ed page every day. Or at least Today's Papers. We'll read Suck every day. Or at least Man Bites Dog. We'll subscribe to Wallpaper*, and stop even thinking about Michael Wolff.

We will give up dreams of high-bandwidth to the home, mostly because we're spending all our time at the office. We will cure our addiction to one-click order, but subscribe to personal care products. We'll create a new account at CDNow, just to see what recommendations they give us when we tell them the only artist we listen to is Puff Daddy.

Finally, realizing that we have an opportunity to rise above the fray, to stand out from the crowd, to be just a little bit different, a little bit better, we hereby promise that we'll publish not one shred of content that has anything to do with Y2K.

Honest. We swear.



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