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How User Reviews Work
Mar 06, 2001 :: Michael Sippey

So we're catching up on our Stewart Butterfield reading at when we notice that he'd recently had an epiphany about Christopher Alexander's book Notes on the Synthesis of Form. Now, we thought Alexander's A Pattern Language was interesting reading, but not the be-all end-all book that most IA-types think it is. Maybe we're too literal, or something. Anyway. So we click through from sylloge to find out more about this form synthesis book, and fell in love with a reader's review: "It all gets a little involved -- and a little mathematical -- towards the end. But that doesn't alter the fact that anyone interested in how to create wonderful things must read this book. And anyone who isn't should purchase a copy anyway, for those occasions when they want to look cool while waiting in a coffee shop or bar for a friend who's late."

Bingo. Because even though we have little time for coffee shops, we always need to look cool. One click later, it's on its way.



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