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No Incentive for Jabber
Mar 22, 2001 :: Michael Sippey

Matt Haughey posts a mini-screed about his poor experience with Jabber, to which we have to add our own virtual "hear hear." The commercial side of Jabber ( is focused on the server-side of IM (e.g. "Scalable Instant Messaging Solutions for Enterprise and Service Providers"), and not on the client. Would anyone have any incentive for developing a Jabber client that worked? If you're a portal, and you're using IM to attract / retain users, you're probably already on the IM train (a la Yahoo or MSN), and aren't interested in interop. If you're just selling a Jabber client, what's the market for IM clients that cost money? So, where's the incentive to develop a user-friendly Jabber IM client? In our view (and probably Haughey's) Jabber as a cross-platform effort will suffer without one...



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