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I Love the Webbys
Apr 26, 2001 :: Michael Sippey

(Originally poasted to metafilter; repurposed here.)

I love the Webbys because of the way the nominees reflect the state of the web at large. Year in and year out, Tiffany and her crew manage to pick sites that honestly reflect the intangible *essence* of the web.

I love the webbies because of the wonderfully saturnalian way the Ceremony brings together a wide variety of people, for a grand celebration of the web's unique creativity and spirit. I'm hoping that finally, this year, the rest of the world wakes from its slumber, steps away from the AOL chat rooms or puts down the remote control and pays attention to our remarkable medium.

i love the Webbys in the way they've managed to create a micro-economy out of the event, where the nominees pay to get nominated while the sponsors pay for the prestige so the attendees can pay to hear the paying nominees trip up to the microphone under a paying sponsor's logo and utter a five word speech, while outside sidewalk vendors hawk t-shirts, sweatshirts and other overpriced trinkets to the chattering masses.

And, finally, i love the webbies because it reminds me that hope springs eternal. Every year i can dream of getting that nomination email. And every year i can dream that i'm a winner, and imagine walking up on the stage of San Rrancisco's magnificent War Memorial Opera House and muttering the five words I've been dying to say for so, so long...

"It's all fucking Carl's fault."



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