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A Note from the Publisher
Sep 19, 2001 :: Michael Sippey

In case it hasn't been made clear at some point over the last six years or so, this site is remarkably, um, irregular. Not only in frequency of updates, but also the form of those updates... Long pieces, short pieces. My pieces, guest pieces. Weekly blog, daily blog, no blog at all. Discussion threads, no discussion threads.

I could claim that this experimentation is somehow related to the fluidity and plasticity of the medium itself -- that the blank canvas of the web encourages and fosters this kind of change. Instead, I'll cop to the obvious -- I'm easily bored. I'm easily distracted. And, frankly, I don't really care about my (ever dwindling) audience.

Thus, it is with great pomp and circumstance that I announce that the posts section of this site -- which was running smoothly on UBB until somehow the user database disappeared and I lacked the energy to fix it -- is gone. Well, not gone, really, just not active. If you're so inclined as to subject yourslef to perusing through the old posts, the content's still available through the links below. (This is more than I can say for my daily blog which was running earlier this year; it was sacrificed for my sanity, even though it must have seemed like I did it for yours...)

Since I feel the need to spell it all out, to be literal, here's the big underlying theme / message of this latest change: ego. It turns out that I'm not a great community manager. Anyone who posted here learned that, and anyone that's been on lists with me knows that. There are people that do it well, and people that do it well even when they do it reluctantly, and their gardens sprout incredibly fertile threads on a regular basis. Me? I'm much more comfortable broadcasting ASCII -- that way I get to control the reader's experience, I control the point of view, I get the last word.

If the big theme is ego, the leitmotif is simplicity. No more right-hand nav. No more overwrought, poorly coded, poorly documented discussion systems. From now on, just plain old ascii, served straight up.

Until, of course, I change my mind again. At which point I'll definitely blame it on the fluidity and plasticity of the medium.



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