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What I Want from Apple
Oct 22, 2001 :: Michael Sippey

Since we're still a day away from Apple's shrouded-in-secrecy announcement about it's next new big thing ("Hint, it's not a Mac"), I thought I'd throw in my $0.02 for what I'd like to see come from Infinite Loop tomorrow.

I want an Apple stereo component that talks with my iMac either over a wired or wireless LAN, has video out to my television, audio out to my amp, and a dumb simple remote control. Over the past year or so I've been slowly ripping my entire CD collection on to a 50 gig drive, and running a digital audio converter off the USB port into my stereo. This setup only works because the iMac's in the living room, and because I put up with having to get my lazy bones up off the sofa to switch playlists. A component that let me put the iMac somewhere else in the house (where its incessant hard drive churning wouldn't interfere with the delicate overtones of Ben Folds) and browse my collection from the sofa with a few thumb-twitches on a remote would make me oh so happy.

(Of course, once Apple has those pieces in place (the box, the networking, video out, a remote control) it would be easy to extend it into other services -- like web access in the living room, video distribution from the 'net, turning my iMac into a PVR, etc. But that's just gravy. Just give me the audio integration, and I'll be happy.)



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