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Feb 10, 2002 :: Michael Sippey

Last I saw Bryan Mason, a little over a month ago, he had this ridiculous smile on his face, especially for someone who had just lost his job. Bryan used to be the conference manager for CMP's Web conference series, until CMP decided to pull out of the conference business. (Leaving, exactly, who? ThunderLizard? C|Net and its Builder shows? SXSW?) Bryan's explained that his smile was because he had just landed a winter gig managing, as he put it, "one third of the speed skating venue in Salt Lake. They found out how good I am with a walkie-talkie and a badge on a lanyard."

So now, instead of wrangling dozens of speakers, volunteers and exhibitors in the name of Web education, Bryan's in Utah wrangling security personnel, skaters and fans who lose their cell phones in port-a-potties in the name of Olympic glory. And, because it must be too good to keep to himself, Bryan's blogging it all.

So, even if you're not a winter sports fanatic, or don't get butterflies in your stomach when a perfectly sculpted human hurtles themselves down a mountain at 90 mph, supplement your daily diet of news with regular visits to, where Bryan will keep you up to date on the status of the "enormous, enormous asses" of world-class speed skaters.



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