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Open Question: Where would you put an Ipsil?
Jul 11, 2002 :: Michael Sippey

In today's Catch of the Day, Rafe Needleman covers Ipsil, and their efforts to put a webserver on a chip that, in quantity, could cost less than a buck. As Rafe so succinctly puts it, "an Ethernet cable costs more than that."

Ipsil's chip is obviously designed as to provide drop-in network functionality for products that would otherwise find such functionality cost-prohibitive. Ipsil's website lists the obvious applications for their chip in energy monitoring devices, industrial sensors, medical devices and home automation.

Assume for a minute that two years from now we're soaking in 802.11x, and that Ipsil's chip (or a cheap add-on) supports it, making virtually any electronic device HTTP-enabled and easily addressable. Where would you put it? What would you do with it?



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