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Open Question: Where would you put an Ipsil? (07/11/02)
Ipsil's developing a web server on a chip that when produced in volume could cost less than a dollar. Assuming pervasive connectivity, where would you put a chip like that?

Open Question: Harvey Balls? (06/18/02)
I've posted this question to Google Answers, but in case you happen to know...just why are those little icons used in PowerPoint presentations and product comparison charts to indicate how well an item fulfills a particular description called Harvey Balls?

Open Question: Online writing workshop? (05/07/02)
Alexis Massie just relaunched afterDinner with an online collaborative writing workshop. Would you participate in an online writing workshop?

Open Question: Missing mail client features? (04/04/02)
I'm sure at times you've muttered to yourself, "I wish <insert your mail client here> did <insert your desired feature here>. What's missing from your mail client?

Open Question: The crawl? (04/01/02)
Does the crawl contribute to attention deficit disorder?

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