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The Weblog Candidate (08/26/02)
Greg Knauss dissects the weblog-driven congressional candidacy of Tara Sue Grubb, and finds that "she practices the same kind of pandering, suck-up, knee-jerk nonsense as the other side, only with thick layer of naivete piled on top."

Technosurrealism, or "I'm a technorealist, too!" (03/23/98)
The Technorealists really need a snappy sort of title to frame themselves as originators of this new non-movement, these twelve who sat before us fortunate few gathered at Harvard Law...

Turn Up the Heat (02/26/96)
"We're moving to Canada," screamed several friends of mine last week, after learning that Pat Buchanan won the New Hampshire primary. "It's a sign," opined one, "that this country...

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