suck harder.
a fish, a barrel, and a smoking rejection.
Updated WHENEVER we get a submission.

the fish

The Barrel

Tunnel Vision
Courtesy of White-Gloved Mystery Man
January 10, 1997

Merge Right
Courtesy of Gangsta Barbie
September 30, 1996

Name Droppings
Courtesy of Stubb ex Machina
August 15, 1996

Dining with Cannibals II
Courtesy of Ponderous Goosey
August 8, 1996

Citizen Gates
Courtesy of An Entirely Other Greg
July 25, 1996

About The Barrel

"Suck Harder" is actively seeking submissions from qualified Suck rejects. If the great volume of rejected writers overcome their fear of being publicly flogged and actually send us their pieces, we'll archive them here, inside the (rotting) barrel.

Because if you've been rejected by Suck, maybe you should have sucked harder in the first place.

Send us your bounced content, along with an honest-to-god rejection notice from any one of the Sucksters (for authenticity's sake), and we'll publish your piece. The entire world will then know that you were rejected by Suck.

Unless, of course, we reject you.

Submissions should be in plain ASCII. We retain the right to edit for length, clarity or punctuation. We will not, however, correct spelling errors.

the barrel


the gun